What are the real factors that help you get a promotion?

At some stage in our career, we will all be faced with considering the possibility of promotion. In doing so, it’s important  to consider the factors that we need to be mindful of to best position ourselves for the specific role we are interested in. These factors will vary greatly depending on who we are, what the organisational culture is like, the preferences of the person(s) making the appointment. An interview is normally de rigueur but what about factors like turning up to work before (and leaving after) your boss, or perhaps the results of some psychometric tool?

Last year Penn Schoen Berland published the results of interviews they conducted with 303 senior business executives in U.S. companies with at least 1,000 employees on this very topic. The good news is that excellence in your current position, leadership potential, interpersonal and job related skills as well as strong performance reviews were the top 5 factors in most recent promotion decisions. However the same study showed that favouritism was seen to play a key role with 84% of executives reporting that such favoritism took place within their own organisations!

Promotion Secrets

Is this favoritism simply perception or reality and what does this mean for Career Coaches advising their clients on structuring their internal career plans?

While there a lot of very competent career coaches out there who can work with you to create an impressive resume, give you some killer interview tips and gee you up on building your network… an excellent career coach should also work with you to build a personal brand, help you develop a positive and resilient mindset and assist you navigate the shoals of corporate politics with integrity.