Career  Coaching

Unlike other career coaching providers, we do not serve up a range of differently packaged career programs to “sell” to our corporate clients. Instead, we offer all our customers a full range of career related services that includes outplacement support for staff who need to leave, ongoing career advice to current employees and training for managers to enable meaningful career discussions with their staff. What sort of services might an individual Career Coaching participant expect? The following types of support are offered depending on the individual’s discrete needs:

  • Identification of career values, needs and goals
  • Full resume drafting and review
  • Diagnostic and other tools to help uncover personal preferences and style
  • Individual development planning
  • Practical interview techniques and tips
  • Industry and sector research support
  • Advice on presentation and styling
  • Networking advice and methodologies
  • Advice on entrepreneurial ventures
  • Introduction to online tools and social media job search strategies
  • Work/Life balance analysis
  • Career Resiliency

Individuals can also access advice around their financial situation by an independent financial adviser who will talk to them about making best use of any redundancy payment, taxation, superannuation, insurance and an overall tailored investment strategy.

Executive & Onboarding Coaching

Our practical and cost effective approach to coaching draws on a range of different methodologies. Our approach is a little different from that offered by some other providers in that our coaches may mentor, train, and at times, give direct advice to our coaching clients.

Real world experience has taught us that in some situations (i.e. in on-boarding coaching) there are practical tips and insights we can share that provide immediate benefit. Our coaches can also help by opening up their personal networks to clients and deepening their understanding of the dynamics of specific sectors, industries and professions.

We tailor specific coaching solutions to your individual and organisational needs and can use a combination of face to face and remote options to deliver coaching support.  We can provide a choice of coaches who have held board level and senior management positions across a range of industries.

Contact us today to gain a greater understanding of our approach or to set up a no obligation trial of our Coaching service.